Advertisement is so important. Basically everything we purchase was once a sign- advertising the name, the brand, the product, the style, the design. Every sign has the potential to capture the attention of potential buyers. Maybe you have never thought of signs in this way, but it is so true. Look around as you drive downtown at all of the unique designs and displays. What catches your eye? Where do you gravitate? This post will detail how backlit signage design works as impeccable advertisement.

What is Back Lit Signage?

Great question! Back Lit Signage can be defined as “a sign which has an internally illuminated background”. Day or night, backlit signs make an easy read for viewers. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of backlit signage designs.

Use of Back Lit Signage

Question: When might you want to use back lit signage? Answer: ANYTIME. There is no improper use for backlighting. This enhancement is appropriate for whatever use you may desire. A poster or banner is nice, but what about after dark? The visibility completely fades.

Features of Back Lit Signage

Features of backlit sign designs include readability, creativity, beauty, and versatility.

Readability: Backlighting illuminates from behind the advertisement display. This feature is awesome for any setting or lighting and offers contrast for enhanced readability.

Creativity: Of course, you know how important creativity is when it comes to advertising. You likely worked exceptionally hard coming up with the logo of your brand- the font, the colors, the name, etc. Illuminate your hard work and creative design with backlighting. This creates the perfect enhancement for your already awesome sign.

Beauty: Lighting just does something special for any artwork. Proper lighting can take something from dull to flattering. Lighting changes the mood. Lighting brings out the best features. Lighting attracts attention. Lighting is so important. Consider how using a backlit signage design can really bring the beauty feature your advertisement has been lacking.

Versatility: This may be the most important feature of backlit signs. They can be used ANYWHERE. Indoor or outdoor, these signs are relevant and useful. Whether you are using a sign for your business or personal design, you cannot go wrong. Very professional or more playful, either look can be captured by the style.

Spark up your sign with backlighting. Illuminate and enhance every detail.