Everything You Need to Know About Front Lit Signage

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to upgrade the signage outside of your office, your shop, or your commercial real estate investments makes no difference – front lit signage provide you with in inexpensive but incredibly attractive and eye-catching way to do exactly that!

Easily the most popular type of channel letter sign available on the market today (so much so that it also goes by the name of “standard channel lettering”), front lit signage is available in pretty much any and every design imaginable because it doesn’t require expensive lighting configurations to be run inside of or behind the sign itself.

Available in multiple different installation configuration, as well as in a raceway or flushmounted system, you’ll have complete and total control over the finished look of your front lit signage in a way that just isn’t possible with any other solution on the market today.

Infinite Design Options

The number one reason that most businesses or commercial real estate investors decide to take advantage of front lit signage is because it can be designed in pretty much any and every configuration imaginable, with any kind of design and any kind of font and colors used.

Unlike other sign design criteria that require you to use specific colors, specific fonts, or specific sizes, front lit signage design is just about as wide-open as it gets. You’ll really be able to let your creativity while when you decide to go with this kind of sign.

Inexpensive to Own and Operate

Other big advantages to using frontlit sign options is the fact that you are going to be able to spend a lot more money on your signage with these kinds of designs than any other.

The construction materials used in frontlit sign projects is relatively lightweight and inexpensive, really easy to install, and because you are going to have two liked it from the front with whatever lighting source you choose to use you are always in the drivers seat.

Energy costs are going to be kept low (thanks in large part to the ability to use new LED lighting technology) and the production costs for front lit signage are also has about as close to rock-bottom as it gets.

At the end of the day, you have plenty of different sign options to begin choose from to draw attention to your business or your building. Front lit signage just happens to be the very best!