Trying to pick and choose from all of the different signage options available to you on the market today can feel like an almost impossible task, what with all of the different design choices you have to make in the actual types of signs you’ll be able to pick and choose from.

Thankfully though, by choosing to go with halo lit signing, you’re going to be able to really streamline the process while also making sure that your building, your office, or your business as the perfect type of sign out front to draw attention and drum up business.

What are Halo Lit Signs?

Halo lit signs are technically channel letters signs, though they take advantage a different lighting technology to make sure that they are 100% visible throughout the night.

Sometimes called reverse channel lit signage, halo lit signage takes advantage of aluminum faces and signs that have been mounted onto sign standoffs that connect to the building, leaving plenty of space between the sign and the building for light to project out to.

Lights are installed inside the back of these kinds of signs and project light back onto the wall behind them, providing for the halo kind of look that halo lit signage brings to the table. It’s a very clean, very upscale, and very modern aesthetic that’s been a big favorite of nightlife and entertainment options for years and years now.

Why Go with Halolit Signage Options?

If you are wondering whether or not halo lit signage design options are perfect for you, you’ll have to consider exactly what kind of look and aesthetic you’re hoping to give off with the new signage options that you have decided to purchase.

Halo lighting is definitely eye-catching, is definitely attention-getting, and is going to guarantee that your sign is spotted from quite aways off – but it isn’t going to be quite as vibrant or quite as crystal-clear from a distance as say neon light signage is going to be.

If you’re looking for an upscale kind of look without that cheesy neon stigma, halo lit signage is definitely the way to go.

It also doesn’t hurt that halo lit signage design options are just about as unlimited as it gets. Because the lights are mounted inside of the sign itself you really have quite a bit of freedom to tinker around with different designs, different graphics, and even different materials to get the finished look you are going for.